1 Emily Galusha

2 Carl Smith

3 Rebecca Bennet

4 Keva Richardson

5 Gert Johan Manschot

6 Stephen Paul Connor

7 Vera Smiley

8 Terri McGee

9 Maura Schaffer

10 Karen Woodward

11 Chun Hui Pak

12 Flip Solomon

13 Ines Batlo


We are currently preparing an exhibit based on our theme Soul of America at the Fort Worth Art Center opening November 2020.
Our first project in 2018 was a themed show titled
Soul of America. We presented at Camiba on 6th in Austin TX, then the Georgetown Arts Center in 2019.
Follow us on for details.


Artists 916 is a collective of artists in Austin, TX. Many of the founding members have studios at the Canopy creative complex, located at 916 Springdale Road.
Our mission is to:
  • generate opportunities to exhibit, promote and sell member artwork and creative services through utilizing collective talent, skills, resources and capacities.  
  • co-create innovative and inspiring art events through collaborative efforts and individual artistic expression.
  • support positive community exposure for member artists and Artists 916 collective


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